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WECO connects donors and volunteers to meaningful grassroots initiatives for global gender equity. WECO partners with local organizations in lower-income countries to collaborate on sustainable, needs-based gender equity projects that involve an element of infrastructure (i.e. building projects such as childcare or community centers), social enterprise (business development, training, economic empowerment for women), girl's education (formal schooling, confidence-building, scholarships, reproductive health programs, etc) -- and typically a combination of those three. The organization recruits volunteers to help fundraise for project costs and then takes each group to work on a leg of the project and on a responsible travel trip. Currently, WECO has extended its operations to support partners in India and Cambodia with emergency food distributions as project communities continue to deal with the effects of COVID-19. The first round of COVID-relief was distributed in May 2021, and the organization is planning for a second round to be scheduled in fall 2021.

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We want a world where women have equal opportunities to succeed. Our work is to combat global gender inequality by creating a network of international grassroots organizations working for women’s rights in their communities.

We vet our partner organizations and then support them in tangible ways. Through relationships with the people who understand the nuanced process of women’s empowerment in their specific communities, we help them achieve a greater impact.

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