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"Pennsylvania Stands Up Institute and its affiliated 501(c)(4), Pennsylvania Stands Up, have built a scaled and deep organizing ability to reach and activate voters. Pennsylvania Stands Up is a merger between Pennsylvania’s largest independent power-building organizations: Keystone Progress, Lancaster Stands Up, Beyond the Choir, Reclaim Philadelphia, York Stands Up, and a few Indivisible chapters to form a statewide coalition of organizers. Their goal is to deepen and scale their organizing to build progressive power across the state, especially in small cities, towns, and rural areas. They use the Race Class Narrative framework to reach out to poor white people to dismantle the overt white supremacy messages they are receiving. PA Stands Up uses digital and tech tools that allow them to reach people beyond the scale and scope of any field campaign. Utilizing social-listening tools, data-analytics, and the strategic narratives used at the door, their digital programs will deliver effective, personalized messages to shift the worldview and voting behavior of more people in more places.

Pennsylvania Stands Up Institute is building a multiracial movement of working class people dedicated to winning a Pennsylvania that works for all of us. They are Black, brown, and white working people living across Pennsylvania towns, rural areas, and cities. They develop the capacity of everyday people to be leaders in their communities and fight for policies that work for working people.

Read Five Questions with Pennsylvania Stands Up: Organizing Across Communities.

Learn about the organization's sponsor, Way to Win.


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