The impact of a fundraising campaign on an organization’s board is significant. It’s a marathon, requiring a multi-year commitment of both focus and strength. It will be all-encompassing and require full commitment from every member. But, just like any good marathon runner prepares for the race, there are exercises you can do now to have your board do very well in this effort.

I believe there are three key elements to make sure you’ve accomplished before you undertake a campaign.

Step 1: Do you have a PLAN in place?

  • Do board members have a clear picture of the mission, priorities, and funding needs of the organization?

Step 2: Do you have the right PEOPLE?

  • Do you have a solid leadership team and is it committed to be there throughout the campaign? Will the president/CEO and chief development officer be there?

Step 3: Are you all agreed on the PRIORITIES?

  • Have the board and staff tested the proposed campaign plan with prospective donors? Do they think it is as important as you do? Has this been objectively tested?

By taking the time to prepare your board for a campaign, you can improve your odds for success.

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