SEATTLE, WA, October 4, 2017 — Giving Compass, the first of its kind online portal aggregating information to encourage impact giving in partnership with Bright Funds announces today a groundbreaking partnership with Bright Funds Foundation to shine a light on its debut Philanthropic Issue Funds.

Bright Funds Foundation is partnering with Giving Compass to launch a suite of five inaugural Philanthropic Issue Funds managed by the world’s leading issue experts.

Like mutual funds in the investment space, Philanthropic Issue Funds are managed by expert Fund Managers who construct a portfolio of philanthropic investments in nonprofits aimed at solving a social or environmental issues. Issue Fund Managers make their decisions based on the best available evidence of which bets will have the most impact per dollar spent.

"Fund managers are expected to choose strategies that maximize impact,” says Jason Bade, who chairs the Bright Funds Foundation’s Strategic Philanthropy Advisory Board. “This means adopting the mindset in all our decision making that each donor dollar is a precious resource whose misallocation is a life not saved, child not lifted from poverty, or ton of carbon unmitigated." The result is an easy way for donors to learn about and fund a collection of vetted organizations, projects, and social impact initiatives offering a holistic and diversified approach to making a real, positive difference in the world.

“Donors told us that they lacked access to high-quality, curated resources to support impact-giving,” said Stephanie Gillis, Senior Advisor, Impact Philanthropy, Giving Compass. “These issue funds offer a unique way for donors to learn while giving, and to give with impact in an efficient way. We are extremely excited about this partnership and these funds. We look forward to continuing to bring the best impact-giving resources and opportunities to donors.”

Giving Compass and Bright Funds Foundation care about giving with impact and encourage donors to consider these funds as high-impact giving opportunities. Giving Compass donors can donate to the Funds via Giving Compass by typing in the fund name inside the “Giving Money” section or by clicking on the Compass, searching by name and selecting “Funds” from the horizontal tab. Bright Funds Foundation Philanthropic Issue Funds include:

• Conservation Fund
• Bay Area Poverty Fund
• New York Poverty Fund
• US Education Fund
• Climate Fund

Bright Funds Foundation is determined to create a structure for all donors, whether they are giving $10 or $10 million, to take advantage of the same expertise already trusted by the world’s leading philanthropists and foundations without the high cost, so that donors can give with confidence. “Funds allow donors to cut through the noise and simply channel their passion into action," says Bright Funds Foundation's Julia Streuli.

Issue Funds help forge a relationship between donors and the entire issue, rather than any particular organization. Fund Managers and donors can be thought of as fellow travelers on a journey together—a partnership in which Fund Managers help donors not only understand a problem but also the most promising strategies best positioned to solve it. This involves getting to know the work of nonprofits on the ground as well and it helps to have a trusted guide put everything in context.

Giving Compass was born through a catalytic grant by the Raikes Foundation, founded by Jeff and Tricia Raikes.

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