SEATTLE, Oct. 12, 2023 - Today, Giving Compass announced the rebranding of recently-acquired X4Impact to Giving Compass (GC) Insights and the appointment of Brandolon Barnett as its new Head of Innovation & Philanthropy. With a new look and feel that is aligned with the 6-year-old Giving Compass brand, GC Insights will become a recognizable leader in nonprofit datasets. The initiative will support Giving Compass’ mission focused on donor education and driving philanthropic dollars to underserved nonprofits.

Today, Giving Compass Insights provides: 

  • Data licensing and landscape reporting services for nonprofit and for-profit organizations
  • A suite of NTEE Code tools including the Code Finder, Code Builder, and Letter Generator
  • Access to interactive tools like our Nonprofit and Tech for Good Compensation Report
  • APIs to enable search and discovery for over a million U.S. nonprofits and highly vetted organizations that make up the Giving Compass Network

Looking ahead, Giving Compass insights will aim to be the world’s most inclusive dataset of nonprofits. One that makes it as easy to find the story of an organization’s impact as it is to locate their EIN in efforts to drive more support towards often unseen and unheard causes. Giving Compass Insights is currently available through APIs to help other platform builders and partners disseminate high-quality learning content and nonprofit stories.

Brandolon Barnett has joined the organization after serving on its board to helm this new initiative. An author, speaker, and tech entrepreneur, Barnett brings a wealth of experience and a deeply personal connection to the work. Previous stints for Barnett included roles as Director of Product and later Head of Industry Solutions for Philanthropy Cloud. He worked with Sean Combs and the Combs Enterprises team as a product design lead for what would later be launched as Empower Global and worked most recently as Chief Product Officer for Humanitas.AI where he led product efforts to build AI to serve nonprofits and educate them on the potential of AI to support their mission. His journey of struggle from poverty to a career in philanthropy and social impact technology was captured in his book, Dreams Deferred.

“Brandolon’s vast experience and GC Insight’s robust data capabilities will help us create a more equitable and impactful philanthropic ecosystem ” said Dale Pfeifer, CEO of Giving Compass. “By offering donors deeper insights to be more effective in their giving journey, Giving Compass is helping more people become impact-driven philanthropists.”

“Joining Giving Compass and being part of the launch of Giving Compass Insights is so exciting to me and aligned with my life’s work,” Barnett said. “I always wanted to give back and do work that made an impact and helped others like I’d been helped. That journey - learning about philanthropy, nonprofits, and impact - was so difficult. With Giving Compass Insights, we are setting our sights on using inclusive data and new technologies like AI to make that journey simpler for everyone.”

Over the coming months, Giving Compass will enhance its existing APIs, Giving Planner, and Giving Calculator. The organization will also introduce new tools such as an AI Giving Assistant. Finally, the organization will pilot a new streaming series called Journey to Impact highlighting nonprofits in its network. Giving Compass hopes these new tools and resources will do even more to make sure donors and organizations are equipped with the data and insights needed to make informed decisions that better align resources with community priorities and needs.

About Giving Compass

Giving Compass reaches 100k visitors per month and is a one-stop platform that guides individual donors to learn about issues, get involved, and contribute to community-led change. Rooted in the principles of impact-driven philanthropy, Giving Compass directs donors towards practices that advance equity and address the root causes of societal issues. Giving Compass acquired X4Impact, now Giving Compass Insights, in July 2022.

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