SEATTLE, WA, December 19, 2017 – Giving Compass, the first of its kind online portal aggregating information to encourage impact giving, have 5 bold predictions related to who will have the biggest impact in 2018, beyond the generosity of ultra high net worth individuals.

From overhead to outcomes and a CRM giant stepping into the game in a big way, the year ahead is going to be like nothing before. Good, bad or ugly, change is coming---including tax reform on the horizon that could fundamentally shift how and why charitable giving is done in the U.S.In its first annual trends report, Giving Compass analyzes the big moments of 2017 and weighs in on the upcoming changes for the nonprofit sector and what it means for philanthropists. Find the whole story on titled “5 Impact-Giving Trends From 2017 And 5 Predictions For 2018.”

“In 2017, we learned a lot as a nation -- about how to recover from the worst and how giving with impact can help bring out our best” said Jen Jope, Senior Digital Editor, Giving Compass. “These lessons are invaluable. Two experts with their fingers on the pulse of the nonprofit community, Stephanie Gillis (Senior Advisor, Impact-Driven Philanthropy Initiative at the Raikes Foundation) and Paul Shoemaker (founding president of Social Venture Partners International) shared their astute observations on the key lessons for 2018 and beyond, including the impact of tax reform and technology's ever-increasing role.”

Giving Compass was born through a catalytic grant from the Raikes Foundation, founded by Jeff and Tricia Raikes.

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