From redefining the idea of beauty to eliminating the stigma of mental health issues, social activism comes in many forms. And this drive to bring change to communities has made its way from social circles into the marketplace.

According to the “2017 Cone Communications CSR Study,” 78 percent of consumers want companies to address social justice issues. As a result, brands are jumping on the social activism bandwagon, and a lot of the content they’re sharing across platforms is rooted in messaging that ties back to a cause. However, associating with a cause for the sake of it won’t satisfy consumers. Frankly, it shouldn’t satisfy you and your team members either.

A digital-only approach to social change rarely scratches the surface. Without the emotional connection that face-to-face interaction brings, you’ll have a hard time developing an authentic connection with the causes and communities you’re hoping to impact.

Instead, as a brand leader, you should first identify with a cause that truly means something to you and your team. Find a cause that motivates you to influence change in a community because you see the need and feel the drive to make a difference. Once you establish a valid, non-ulterior motive to rally for a cause, it’s time to step out from behind the comfort zone of your keyboard in order to truly invoke change in the world around you.

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