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Giving Compass is a one-stop shop to help individual donors learn about issues, get involved, and give to community-led change. In the US, 80% of giving to nonprofits comes from individuals (Giving USA). While the amount we give is important, how we give also matters. We guide donors toward practices that advance equity and address the root causes of society's issues.

We are guided by the principles of impact-driven philanthropy (IDP).

IDP Priorities

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Ensuring resources and power are fairly redistributed so all humans experience dignity and opportunity.

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Drawing on evidence, collecting feedback, and evaluating progress using quantitative and qualitative data.

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Systems Change

Addressing institutional, systemic, and structural root causes to eliminate inequities in social outcomes.

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Centering beneficiaries in the co-creation of solutions, ensuring integrity and accountability in processes and relationships.

Our Mission

To help impact-driven donors transform their generosity into meaningful change for communities and society.

Who We Support


Access learning content, find opportunities to get involved, and give to trusted organizations.


Reach donors through our platform by sharing your expertise and insights.


Provide added value to your donor audience with our content and technology solutions.

Our Story

Giving Compass was inspired by Jeff and Tricia Raikes, co-founders of the Raikes Foundation. Early in their own giving journey, they met other donors who faced a similar challenge: Finding targeted resources to guide a values-aligned, community-inclusive, and effective giving strategy.

Giving Compass Timeline

The Facts

The world faces many pressing problems, but impact-driven donors can create lasting change by proactively learning more, getting involved, and giving with impact.

Guided by the principles of IDP -- equity, effectiveness, due diligence, and transparency -- Giving Compass:

85% of donors want more impact
32% spend 2 hours per year to inform their giving
9% do comparative research before giving
Statistics on Giving
*Camber Collective, Money For Good 2014
  • Presents facts and frameworks in our library of curated and original articles, columns, videos, and podcasts. Updated daily. Sign up for our newsletter.
  • Features event listings, volunteer opportunities, and tools to help donors connect with others, find support, and get involved.
  • Creates partnerships with nonprofit and philanthropy experts to provide credible information and trusted best practices.
  • Offers a dynamic digital platform for the best user experience.
Statistics on Giving
  • 85% of donors want more impact
  • 32% spend 2 hours per year to inform their giving
  • 9% do comparative research before giving
*Camber Collective, Money For Good 2014

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Our Values

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We embrace fresh ideas, forward thinking, and fast improvements.

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We are accountable to our mission and to delivering a public benefit.

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We are driven by the desire to do the right thing.

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We believe in the power of elevating diverse voices and representing the breadth and depth of work in our sector.

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We’re motivated by the joy of giving and spreading it.

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