Giving Compass' Take:

• In this Livemint post, Dasra cofounder Deval Sanghavi discusses challenges in the Indian social sector and how thoughtful questions can help guide givers in a more strategic direction.

• This approach certainly can work in the U.S. and other countries as well. Seeking out ways to measure progress and getting the right people onboard in our missions are universally good ideas.

• Here's more about Indian nonprofits and scaling social change.

The seriousness, scale and complexity of India’s development challenges — from rising inequality to extreme poverty and climate change — are quickly outpacing the ability of our government to single-handedly address them. As an increasing amount of philanthropic capital is directed towards India’s development, there is a need for philanthropists to seek expert guidance that helps them navigate such questions and build an effective plan for their philanthropy:

  1. “Why are you giving?”
  2. “What do you want to achieve?”
  3. “How do you think change will happen?”
  4. “How will you assess progress?”
  5. “Who will join you?”

With the increasing availability of tools and the rising number of philanthropy advisers across the country, it is up to each and every philanthropist to do their part in leveraging these resources and ensuring that their giving is conducted with utmost thought and planning in a way that helps create sustainable impact at scale.

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