Content at Giving Compass

Giving Compass is a nonprofit organizing the world’s information to make it easier to give well

There is a vast amount of knowledge and content in philanthropy and the social sector, but it is fragmented across different organizations and not adequately organized or indexed by major search engines. By creating a vertically focused online platform and using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and matching technologies, we want to offer a 360-degree view of any topic in the context of Impact-Driven Philanthorpy.

We define Impact-Driven Philanthropy (IDP) as the practice of strategically using our time, talents and resources to make meaningful, measurable change.

How do we select content for Giving Compass?

Automated system searching for content related to the topics that donors care about according to our research as well as content that meets certain parameters we have defined.
The search parameters are broad and inclusive of topics highlighted by major community foundations, NGOs and academia.
These algorithms have initially been trained by people who have many decades of experience in philanthropy and donor support. Each piece that is pulled into the system is then vetted in several ways.

Is it aligned with the core principles of Impact-Driven Philanthropy? These principles were developed in partnership with a collaborative of experts and donors who share a common vision for strengthening supports for individual donors, and we encourage you to read them.

Next, we ask whether it answers one or more of the five questions donors seek to answer according to research done by Stanford’s Effective Philanthropy Lab:

  • What should I focus on?
  • What giving vehicle should I use?
  • How do I develop a giving strategy?
  • How do I implement my strategy?
  • Where can I learn with others?

Received through our submissions page, must follow the published editorial guidelines. Content might be edited for clarity and length.

Each content partner has a magazine they manage directly, where they can share articles, tools, events, videos, audio, training, funds and more. Over time, we expect to add many more content partners.

Gales, events, volunteering at giving compass

We aggregate this data using the same technology and principles described in the Articles and Learning Resources Section. In 2018 we will integrate via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) with the top technologies powering event registrations in the US

We aggregated hundreds of thousands of local volunteering opportunities and match them in real time with the topic explored by our users. This data comes from our partnership with

Charities and Giving Funds at Giving Compass

Organizations data is coming to Giving Compass via an integration with Charity Navigator. If an organization has been profiled in Charity Navigator, that organization’s information will appear on Giving Compass. Organizations that have been tagged with red flags or fraud alerts are omitted by Giving Compass.

When users clicks on an organization profile, they can note if they have given to this particular organization, and if so, whether they would give again. Over time, this will allow “peer curation” by donors who are using the platform. Only registered users can submit this input.

We collaborated with foundations and donor education leaders to develop an initial list of philanthropic issue “funds” that exist to aggregate grant capital for causes and organizations. We did research online to assess the process each uses to choose grantees. Each of the funds profiled uses a high-quality and transparent process to choose strong organizations and projects to include in its fund(s). We will gradually be curating and adding more funds to the site.

We also have a simple web-submission form to accept input and continue to grow our database of funds and each one of our content partners can contribute to expanding this database.