Giving Compass' Take:

• Jessica Bearman, writing for PEAK Grantmaking, compiles a list of practices for grantmakers who are looking to make greater impact. 

• How can grantmakers share best practices with each other to be more efficient and help grantees? 

• Here are the best ways to streamline grant practices.

  1. Intentional, non-redundant application requirements: Do your grantees a favor by refining the ambiguous, eliminating the redundant, and scrapping the weird.
  2. Downloadable questions attached to online grantmaking system: Anyone who has completed an online application knows the terrifying feeling of diving into the abyss without a roadmap.
  3. An anonymous feedback-seeking survey: There’s really only one good way to get candid feedback from your grantees about how your grantmaking process works.
  4. One report per year: Scale back your formal written reporting requirements to once per year, add a right-sized and/or flexible set of requirements.
  5. A phone call: Consider the gift of a mid-point phone conversation that you document to replace a report.
  6. A flexible budget form (or no form at all): Save your grantees the agony of cramming their budget into your template by accepting their financial information in their own format.
  7. A final report that doubles as a renewal application: Your grantees will love the efficiency of submitting one thing that serves two purposes.
  8. Speedy turnaround: If you aren’t sure how long your process takes now’s the time to track it. Then make it shorter.
  9. Crystal clear information: Double check that your application instructions can be understood by someone not working in your foundation.
  10. Funds that cover true costs: Ideally with general operating support.

Read the full article on grantmaking by Jessica Bearman at PEAK Grantmaking.