Many organizations that rely on the help of volunteers may find success in initial recruitment, but struggle with retention. Inconsistency in volunteer help can significantly impact operational effectiveness and morale.

To better retain volunteers, nonprofits must take a strategic approach that values their contributions, creates a sense of community and offers personal growth opportunities. Below, 15 Forbes Nonprofit Council members draw from personal experience to share effective strategies for reducing volunteer turnover. Follow these recommendations to create an environment where volunteers are motivated to stay and contribute long term.

  1. Create Clear Communication Channels
  2. Build Meaningful Relationships
  3. Give Volunteers Learning Opportunities
  4. Connect Volunteers With A Bigger Purpose
  5. Recognize The Work They Do
  6. Match Volunteers Based On Their Interests And Skills
  7.  Allow Schedule Flexibility
  8. Express Your Gratitude
  9. Cultivate A Volunteering Community Around The Organization
  10. Treat Volunteers Like You Would Full-Time Employees
  11. Find Your Volunteers' Hidden Talents
  12. Cultivate Friendships
  13. Allow Volunteers To Use Their Voice
  14. Connect Volunteers With The People Your Organization Serves
  15. Make Your Volunteers Feel Appreciated

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