Giving Compass' Take:

• Food Tank is highlighting 19 organizations that are strengthening the growing food movement by engaging their communities, sharing knowledge and nutritious food, and achieving lasting victories in our efforts to build a more equitable food system.

• Donors and impact investors can help grow and support a sustainable food market, but what are the best ways to make this happen? 

• Here are 10 illuminating discussions on health, nutrition, and our food system. 

On November 1st and 2nd,  more than 80 food activists, farmers, policymakers, performers, journalists, researchers, business leaders, chefs and others will gather in New York City for the 3rd Annual Food Tank NYC Summit and Gala Dinner. This year, we’re focusing around the theme of “The Food Movement Is Growing (and Winning)!” The hard work that food system advocates do every day is making a difference, and we’re highlighting the small victories and major achievements that are building a more equitable and environmentally sustainable food system.

  1. Africa Farmers ClubA community of farmers across 18 African countries, the Africa Farmers Club aims to bring agricultural workers together from the private sector, the public sector, and farmer organizations to share stories, successes, and knowledge.
  2. ApeelA natural postharvest protection for produce, Apeel is an invisible, edible, and tasteless coating. By acting as a barrier-like skin to protect fruits and vegetables from oxidation and microbial activity, keeping it fresh for longer and reducing food waste between harvest and consumption.

Read the full article on 19 organizations and initiatives winning in the food movement by Jared Kaufman at Food Tank.