In previous years, we evaluated each charity’s “mission effectiveness” by qualitatively assessing the effectiveness of the primary types of interventions the charity employed.

This year we have:

  • Reworded and reordered our criteria
  • Continued tweaking how we evaluate organizational factors that influence effectiveness through our last two criteria
  • Added conversations with non-leadership employees to our plan for comprehensive evaluations
  • Started offering participation grants
  • Updated the structure of the criterion which addresses the qualitative aspects of a charity’s programmatic impact

We hope that the grants will serve to increase participation in our evaluation process, either by allowing charities to participate that might not have been able to, or by helping to strengthen ACE’s relationships with charities by acknowledging that each charity we choose to review is in our view doing important work. We also hope that increased participation in our evaluation process will help charities to become more reflective and identify opportunities for growth and positive change.

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