Impact investing is truly becoming mainstream. For those of you out there who haven’t yet joined the movement, tomorrow may be already too late!

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Investors and tech companies alike - must make Impact investing an integral part of their business strategy.

While it’s true that Impact investing has been around for decades, today we’re hearing more about its financial appeal than ever before. Just this last month two market leaders jumped on board. Morgan Stanley raised $125M for its inaugural Global Impact Fund, while AP2, Sweden National Pension Fund, committed $50 million to The Rise Fund with the same investment focus.

Here are three reasons why impact investing is becoming mainstream in the market:

Impact Investing doesn’t equal bad returns. Currently, we have enough data, surveys, robust research, and performance tracking to see the full impact of the investment.

Impact-oriented leaders are taking over the world.

A United States Treasury survey revealed that millennials are investing in organizations focused on the greater good more than any past generation.

The size of Impact investing market is huge. Marketplaces like ImpactUs and Swell are community-driven, full-service platforms employing purpose-driven business models and offering an extensive range of impact investing opportunities.

Perhaps you’re thinking that impact themes are nothing new as you know of plenty companies in these fields. While true, understand that for one thing, underlying objectives are changing. Although Silicon Valley may not be producing as many true tech innovations as 40 years ago, we can employ them and new technologies for productive purposes that contribute to the greater good.

Impact investing is finally becoming mainstream because entrepreneurs and investors are now viewing it as a skyrocketing strategic approach offering measurable results.

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