Giving Compass' Take:

• Keeping abreast of trends in crucial for philanthropic efforts looking to grow and maintain support. 

• How can organizations you support do more to align with and capitalize on these trends? Are they leading in these and other fields, or lagging? 

• Find out what Giving Compass sees on the horizon for philanthropy in 2018.

Trends come and go, and in charitable organizations, it is no different. While philanthropy is a pretty steady market without much change — the you-give-and-someone-receives model is very standard — there are constant improvements within the industry that make giving to charity a better experience for all involved. There are a few new trends that all philanthropists should look out for in 2018. Here, we’ll discuss those trends and how you can use them for more considerable success in your organization.

  1. Diversity On The Board: Charities and large foundations alike will be trying to work with a more diverse group of individuals to ensure that all people have proper representation.
  2. “Rage Giving” Will Continue: Americans have seemingly put forth their best philanthropic foot to go against current policy and demand change. And with social media bringing 24/7 access to movements like this, the attention surrounding hot-button issues won’t die down anytime soon.
  3. Collaboration Is Key: More groups than ever are beginning to combine their efforts and collaborate to make sure their missions are successful. It’s not only a great thing for those who are being helped — the increased collaboration will help to make each organization stronger and more resourceful.

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