Giving Compass' Take:

• Kevin Xu explains how nonprofit organizations can focus their time and resources to maximize their impact with new technology. 

• Is your organization getting the most out of the technology you use? What improvements could increase your impact? 

• Read about the benefits of technology for nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations and other philanthropic initiatives can serve as fantastic vehicles to introduce new technology to the global community.

Here are a few practices to help determine where to best spend energies and funds for maximum impact:

  1. Scope out your contemporaries. Look to other networks doing similar work. What platforms have they deemed the right fit, and do those seem to be working well for them? Keeping the nonprofits' objectives in mind, consider how organizations leverage various tech options to achieve their own ends.
  2. Collaborate with entrepreneurs. Countless businesses have begun to realize the importance of giving back, leading more entrepreneurs to connect with nonprofit efforts that align their passions with social impact. Use technology, such as cloud applications, to collaborate and work with those entrepreneurs. Even when they or you don't create individual initiatives, find ways that technology can be applied to help others outside of the original for-profit purpose.
  3. Focus on scalability. Remember that no matter how unique an idea might seem, success requires a plan that will grow smoothly as the organization does. Implement a system within your nonprofit that can be standardized and replicated across multiple offices and teams without massive reworking.

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