Harvard Kennedy School refers to social capital as “the collective value of all ‘social networks’ (who people know) and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other (‘norms of reciprocity’).” Basically, social capital ensures that you are connected to the right people who will provide you with trusted information, collaboration and partnerships. Social capital is particularly important when an entrepreneur is just starting out and needs advisors who have been there before and connections to funders who are willing to work with them to build a business.

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At the Case Foundation, we believe that the next era of entrepreneurship is about leveling the playing field, expanding participation and scaling the networks of social, financial and inspiration capital that provide the foundation for successful startups and scalable business.

Fortunately, more and more entrepreneurship programs are being set up with intentionality around creating on-ramps for women entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs of color. Whether it’s a network for women only or an existing accelerator that has benchmarks for inclusion among its cohort, entrepreneurship supporters are getting serious about providing the resources diverse founders need to be successful.

The following organizations are committed to the inclusive entrepreneurship movement, taking action within their organizations to support diverse entrepreneurs and leaders in the field demonstrating the value of providing underrepresented groups of entrepreneurs with access to capital, networks and support.

  1. 500 Startups - @500Startups
  2. American Underground - @AmerUnderground
  3. Black Founders - @blackfounders
  4. Black Tech Week - @blacktechweek
  5. Blackstone Launchpad - @bxlaunchpad
  6. Blueprint + Co - @blueprintandco
  7. Change Catalyst - @changecatalysts
  8. Circular Board - @CircularB
  9. CODE2040 - @CODE2040
  10. Defy Ventures - @DefyVentures
  11. digitalundivided - @digundiv
  12. DivInc - @DivIncatx
  13. Duke I&E - @EshipatDuke
  14. Google for Entrepreneurs - @GoogleForEntrep
  15. Groundwork - @groundworklabs
  16. Halcyon Incubator - @HalcyonIncubate
  17. HBCU Innovation - @HBCUInnovation
  18. in3 - @In3DC
  19. Jumpstart Inc - @jumpstartinc
  20. Kauffman Foundation - @KauffmanFDN
  21. Kapor Center - @KaporCenter
  22. Latino Startup Alliance - @Latino_Startups
  23. Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center - @thecenter
  24. New Profit - @newprofit
  25. The Pink Ceiling - @thepinkceiling
  26. PowerMoves - @PowerMovesUSA
  27. Project Entrepreneur - @pjtentrepreneur
  28. SEED SPOT - @seedspot
  29. Sephora Accelerate - @SephoraStands
  30. Social Innovation Lab - @SIL_Baltimore
  31. Tory Birch Foundation - @ToryBurchFdn
  32. Unshackled Ventures - @UnshackledUS
  33. Village Capital - @villagecapital
  34. Women’s Startup Lab - @wslab

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