In December of 2016, TWI allocated $250,000 in rapid response funds to protect and build power within communities most vulnerable to the rollback of civil and human rights promised by the then new administration.

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Faster than a speeding glacier: ...Anecdotal observations reveal that not all rapid response funds are particularly swift moving. Of course, many move/d fast. On the other hand, some funds have not yet cut a check.

More Trust, Less Red Tape: ...Even in a landscape of urgency upon which so many rapid response funds are...designed to be unburdensome to those whom we seek to support.

If there were ever a time to reshape grantmaking practice, it is now: The bottom line is that funders and donors are often the singular determinants of what a grantmaking process will be.

Connect the Disconnected: I deeply appreciate this and many other sense-making, strategy shaping conversations that attempted to connect the disconnected and collectivize the proliferation of individual institutional responses.

We hope funders and donors trust the urge to collectivize, listen to and heed the wisdom of organized groups of impacted peoples, streamline grantmaking to match the moment and take this opportunity to let go of our worst habits.

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