Giving Compass' Take:

· In an attempt to address school segregation in New York City, the School Diversity Advisory Group has released a new report suggesting that school should represent district- and borough-level demographics. Here, Alex Zimmerman at Chalkbeat provides a list of four questions to watch with this new diversity report. 

· How should these suggestions be implemented? Who is responsible for ensure that these recommendations are translated into policies?  

· Here's more on NYC's segregated school system

A task force charged with tackling school segregation in New York City released a series of proposals Tuesday designed to make the city’s schools more representative of their broader neighborhoods.

At the center of the report is a push for each school in New York City — home to one of the most segregated school systems in America — to be more representative of district- and borough-level demographics.

To jump-start that process, the School Diversity Advisory Group zooms in on nine of the city’s 32 separate geographic districts as ripe for integration and argues those regions should be required to come up with diversity plans.

But the group’s recommendations do not clarify how they should be implemented, and the responsibility for translating them into policy will fall to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has shown little appetite for sweeping integration initiatives during his first five years in office.

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