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Rhonda Basler, writing for CustomerThink, identifies five companies that have exemplary corporate social responsibility initiatives.

What are the different types of corporate social responsibility initiatives that currently exist? How can they be expanded even further?

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Standing out from the competition can be challenging when the marketplace is already crowded. However, companies that demonstrate an obligation to various philanthropic causes are generally perceived as more marketable than companies whose social responsibility activities are seemingly nonexistent. Thus, the marketing of social responsibility is important for businesses that want to keep or attract consumers with mindsets toward the environment, social issues and economic growth.

No longer is it enough for companies to just promote their services or products. Consumers increasingly want to support brands that offer not only functional benefits but a social purpose as well.

  • State Farm Neighborhood of Good State Farm’s Neighborhood of Good program makes it possible for people to find and volunteer for causes they care about right in their neighborhoods.
  • Zappos for Good Zappos for Good works with charitable organizations to donate goods such as backpacks, shoes, books and school supplies to those in need. Therefore, Zappos is not only known for its company culture, but also for its social responsibility initiatives.
  • Microsoft: In 1983, the company began its “giving program.” To support its employees’ passion for giving, the company matches employee donations of time and money to nonprofit organizations. This has worked to Microsoft’s advantage in the marketing space as well.
  • Centene Corporation: In the health and wellness industry, social responsibility plays a large role in marketing and public relations. Centene Corporation has gone above and beyond to act socially responsible, and as a result, has experienced positive PR buzz and marketing opportunities.
  • Hallmark: Hallmark Business Connections puts social responsibility at the forefront both within the organization and when developing marketing initiatives for our clients.

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