Billions in Change is a movement to bring useful inventions to the unlucky half of the world in order to improve quality of life for billions of people. Those inventions are focused on helping people obtain basic needs like clean water, reliable electricity, and sufficient food—fundamentals that set the foundation for education, health, and livelihood, enabling people to improve life for themselves and for their families.

I wish I was smart enough to go right to the end, it would save a lot of money. But unfortunately, we have to go through all the stuff that didn't work, all the stuff that was marginal, and then finally get to something that we say, 'Yes, we have it!

Five inventions for a better world:
  1. The HANS™ PowerPack: a lightweight, portable power device that allows people to easily generate and store electricity for basic uses.
  2. The HANS™ Solar Briefcase: a lightweight, portable, and simple-to-use set of solar panels designed for charging the HANS™ PowerPack.
  3. RainMaker for Brackish Water: a water filtration unit that takes the salts and other minerals out of brackish water.
  4. RainMaker for Grey Water: a small, self-contained unit that uses a series of filters to purify any type of dirty water.
  5. Shivansh Fertilizer: a simple-to-follow and cost-free method of making fertilizer using whatever is laying around the farm.

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