Giving Compass’ Take:

• The Case Foundation highlights open source projects and discusses the benefits that can come from the wide embrace of open source by the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors.

• How can funders best advance open source projects? Could open source projects advance your philanthropic efforts? 

• Learn more about driving social innovation.

The open source community has no shortage of projects devoted to social change and improving lives. Pick a need, and there is likely an open source solution for it, but it is often difficult for projects that have a social good application to get the notice they deserve. This is a shame as the collaborative and transparent nature of open source is a force-multiplier for change making efforts and when properly supported, open source software can spark innovation, accelerate social good. Therefore, here are five open source projects that we think show the potential for open source to make a real impact in the non-profit world.

  1. Givesource
  2. Tidepool
  3. Code for America
  4. Mifos
  5. Open Agriculture Initiative

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