Giving Compass' Take:

• Natalie Hirsch, writing for Exponent Philanthropy, explains the top five reasons that grant management software can make applications simpler for nonprofit organizations.

• How can better grant management software revolutionize charitable giving? Why is it worth the investment for nonprofits?

• Read about why grantmaking strategies should focus on results. 

You expect a lot of the individuals and organizations that apply for your grants because better granting means greater impact.   With an investment in a grant management software platform with a submission portal, your applicants can focus on what they are applying for vs how. A simpler process, the ability to stop and start as needed, and a destination that keeps all their project components organized will result in better applications, and in the long run, bigger impact.

  • Reason #1: User profiles-With grant management platform submission portals, applicants simply hit apply, create a login, and get started.
  • Reason #2: Qualifying questionnaires-Add in some qualifying questions to make it even more valuable. Your full form will only display if they meet the basic criteria, ensuring applicants don’t waste their time completing an entire application just to be turned away instantly.
  • Reason #3: Clear process steps-Portals allow your homepage to be a clear map of the work ahead, broken into clear steps like “Project Objectives,” “Background Research,” “Budget,” “References,” etc.
  • Reason #4: Quicker turnarounds-The applicant flawlessly gets through the process, you easily see all the data you need, and the reviewers get access to their own portal where all the information is displayed beautifully.
  • Reason #5: Easier post-award follow-up and reporting-They can take surveys on their progress, submit progress reports or budgets, sign for payment disbursements, and more, all from the same portal.

Read the full article about making the grant process easier by Natalie Hirsch at Exponent Philanthropy.