The rationale for aligning with cause is stronger than ever. Many companies understandably ask themselves “how?”

  1. Analyze: To ensure philanthropy is sustainable, a company needs to understand why it is doing it in the first place. What kind of difference do you want to make and how can you do that in an efficient, effective way?
  2. Implement: There are thousands of non-profit organizations and programs to potentially partner with, hundreds of celebrities to align with to amplify your message, a growing number of communications channels through which to tell your story. The best thing companies can do is commit to the plan in a meaningful way, and adjust throughout the process based on learning and an evolving landscape.
  3. Beyond Money: There are also many ways to effect change beyond monetary donations — in fact, we rarely recommend donation without accompanying communication, employee, advocacy and/or product donation strategies. These are important options that vary significantly between companies.
  4. Infrastructure: Even organizations with CSR departments often need to adjust when they reassess and redirect their charitable efforts. And social good divisions that operate divorced from the business unit in terms of goals and resources are typically ineffective.
  5. Consistent evaluation and reporting: Any company seeking to operate more responsibly should approach it with a business mindset.

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