Hey there, Elon Musk. We need to have a little talk.

I understand that you're very worried about what artificial intelligence could mean for our future.  Here's a...list of just a few of the many issues we need to tackle before A.I...:

Climate change: The worst case scenario for sea level rise is likely to to put major coastal population centers from New York City to Mumbai under water in the next century.

Asteroids: Multiple companies are working to create a system to deflect dangerous asteroids, but none of them have actually launched anything to orbit.

Nuclear war: Nuclear war could kill millions and alter the Earth's climate, making parts of our planet uninhabitable.

Pandemic: Infectious diseases like H1N1, MERS, SARS, and Ebola have all seen outbreaks in the past two decades...

Inequality and oppression: Oppression serves to divide us from each other, creating a fragmented population built on fear that we will carry with us into the future.

What will our techno future look like if this oppression and inequality are allowed to persist, unchecked by people in positions of power?

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