Having limited resources, one of the ways I've managed to stretch what our organization has for marketing efforts is to partner with another nonprofit and create marketing wins for both organizations. Once you identify a nonprofit that has a similar or complementary objective, consider these five ways to partner on marketing initiatives:

  1. Webinars. Recently, my organization worked with another nonprofit on a holiday grief webinar. By expanding the number of experts we had on the subject across both organizations, it promoted our thought leadership on an important topic for the holidays and showed the value each of us offers.
  2. Repurposed Content. Another way to share resources is to trade existing content and repurpose it for each other's blogs or social media profiles.
  3. Conferences And Trade Shows. Trade show booths and participation can often cost more but also offer an opportunity to engage with people face to face and learn from others while generating a thought leadership position.
  4. Events And Fundraisers. Like conferences, events and fundraisers can become expensive but are necessary to raise money and awareness.
  5. Skill Sets. One of the most valuable things my organization has gained from partnering with another nonprofit is the ability to share our skill sets and those of our team.

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