Here are 6 resources you should use before setting off on your Seed or Series A raise:

    1. Justin Kan, Atrium — The Founder’s Guide to Raising a Series A Venture Financing
      Justin focuses on Series A but the lessons are largely transferrable to Seed rounds as well.
    2. Sarah Guo, Greylock — What do I look for in a pitch?
      Sarah creates a fairly comprehensive and systematic guide on the key things she/her firm looks for in a startup.
    3. Ash Rust, Sterling Road — Seed Fundraising — How to Build a Deck
      Ash’s post, and the rest of his series, is a down to earth and specific guide on how to build a deck.
    4. Reid Hoffman, Greylock — LinkedIn’s Series B Pitch to Greylock
      This long, and timeless, guide from Reid Hoffman breaks from conventional wisdom on a number of fronts, including how you should start your pitch — with an investment thesis.
    5. Geoff Ralston, YC — A Guide to Seed Fundraising
      Geoff’s guide is an “all in one” that helps you check all the boxes of a seed round.
    6. Li Jiang, GSV — 8 Questions I Ask Every Startup
      Any good post wouldn’t be complete without your own contribution to the field. I previously wrote about the 8 questions I ask every startup.

Find the links and read more about fundraising by Li Jiang at Getting Smart