Entrepreneurs and young businesses create nearly all net new jobs in America, and 20 percent of gross job creation.

Yet, entrepreneurship has been in generational decline – new firms represented as much as 16 percent of all firms in the late 1970s, but declined to 8 percent between 2005 and 2010.

So, how do we revive American entrepreneurship to create a new, grassroots economic model with entrepreneurs at its heart?

We need ecosystem builders. We need people to help build communities that make entrepreneurship accessible and inclusive – that attempt to put Zero Barriers in the way of innovators and job creators.

7 Goals for Ecosystem Building

  1. Inclusive Field.
  2. Collaborative Culture.
  3. Shared Vision.
  4. Connected Networks.
  5. Quantify Methods.
  6. Universal Support.
  7. Sustainable Work.

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