Seventy people were arrested in London on Saturday as climate activists continue to engage in acts of civil disobedience in the UK.

Among the 70 arrested Saturday were six people who climbed and glued themselves to an oil tanker near Hyde Park, BBC News reported. Two of the tanker scalers were former Olympic athletes Etienne Stott and Laura Baldwin. Stott won a gold medal in canoeing, while Baldwin participated as a sailor.

“I am acting to try to disrupt the toxic fossil fuel industry that is destroying everything we hold dear,” Stott said in a press release emailed to EcoWatch. “I am hoping we can slow it down long enough to create a moment where everyone can stop and think where we are going and change course. We need our government to rein in these companies and stop investing in fossil fuels now, rather than allowing oil companies to continue their stranglehold on our lives and our future.”

Saturday’s demonstration capped ten days of Extinction Rebellion protests in the UK capital calling for an end to all new fossil-fuel investments. Greenpeace, Green New Deal Rising and Just Stop Oil also support the demand.

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