To make the most meaningful impact on our children, they should be actively involved and able to relate to the cause.

  1. Donate: Financial donations can be impactful for kids if it’s from their own hard earned money. As you’re teaching your child about finance, start a save/spend/share jar system.
  2. Give a gift to a child in need.
  3. Throw a holiday giving party: Throw a craft party where the kids make cards for troops overseas or decorations for a nursing home. Or ask each friend to bring a gently used toy that can be donated.
  4. Start in your own neighborhood: Do you have an elderly neighbor who lives alone? Bake some cookies with the kids to bring over.
  5. Visit a nursing home.
  6. Support a local family.
  7. Build a house: If they are too little to actually work, they can hand out snacks and drinks to the volunteers.
  8. Start a class project: No better way to engage kids than by making them the leader.

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