9 ways to create more inclusive impact investing:

  1. Think global, local and everywhere in between: Impact Investing first gained in popularity for its work in emerging economies and more underserved areas as a complement to philanthropy. But impact investing is as relevant locally in the US as it is internationally.
  2. Diverse investors will create better investments: Step one? The investors, managers and leaders of funds need to be as diverse as the groups they invest in.
  3. Risk taker or risk averse? All are welcome here: Regardless of your assets, mission, or desired outcomes, there are opportunities to start impact investing.
  4. Investors bring more than money: What will you do with your time, talent and treasure to find solutions to our greatest problems?
  5. Capacity building has to be a part of the conversation: Just as funds must be strategic in their giving, they must look as intentionally at long-term capacity building efforts as in their short-term screening.
  6. Philanthropy can empower impact investing: Philanthropic dollars still have a place in impact investing.
  7. Small is still beautiful: Even the smallest family offices, foundations and existing funds can easily step into impact investment.
  8. A paradigm shift is needed on where AND how money gets invested: Impact investing holds promise but the same financial tools that got us here won’t get us there.
  9. The time to start impact investing was 100 years ago. The second-best time is now.

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