Given the complexity of problems facing business and society, there’s a growing recognition that no one sector can do it alone. We desperately need the collective efforts of the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to tackle society’s toughest challenges.

It’s heartening to have phrases like “public-private partnerships,” “cross-sector collaboration,” and “collective impact” enter our common vocabulary. Strategies should be set by a diverse array of stakeholders—and we all must work harder to ensure that more voices and viewpoints are involved in our problem-solving.

But, it’s not enough to have a larger, more inclusive table. We need a new type of leader at the helm. Someone who can deftly navigate across sectors and enable everyone to rise above real differences, find common purpose, and get big things done.

The leader of the 21st century must be a tri-sector athlete. SEI aims to educate, support, and inspire exactly this type of leader.

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