While 86 percent of Americans buy gifts for friends and family as part of celebrating Christmas, nearly a quarter feel wasteful when thinking about buying and receiving gifts. Furthermore, according to a survey by Asia Pulp & Paper, packaging waste, specifically, is considered an important issue by half (51 percent) of all Americans.

What should retailers consider when packaging an increasing number of consumer goods and groceries this season?

Since customers are the heart of every business, successful companies keep their preferences and expectations top of mind. When it comes to e-commerce, an important area to look at is packaging.

More than half of all consumers (52 percent) agree that the packaging of delivery items is often much larger than the item itself, according to Asia Pulp & Paper’s 2017 Paper & Packaging Consumer Trends Report. Furthermore, 48 percent of consumers said that stores need to be a better job of sending delivery items in packaging that better fits the product’s size and reduces waste. To reduce end users' worries, retailers can look closely at the logistics of shipping. Are they grouping multiple items in one order or sending out in several boxes? And how closely are they monitoring the way items are packaged to ensure the box is the right size for the order?

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