Giving Compass' Take:

• Arjan Chakravarti at IDR goes through a day in the life of a nonprofit CEO starting from the 8am morning commute to the 7pm evening commute. 

• Although this schedule can undoubtably vary, how does this peek into a nonprofit CEO's day give insight to what it takes to run a successful organization?

Here's how funders can support new nonprofit mindsets.

Imagine a nonprofit organization called CFSW. And before you ask, no, I don’t know what that stands for, so please imagine that as well.

You are the leader of CFSW and get to take the big decisions.

Sound unfamiliar? Then you’ll really enjoy imagining a day in these shoes.

8:00 am: Morning commute
You’re listening to an intellectual-sounding podcast.

Who are you kidding? We all know it’s actually a call with an international donor – Lisa from LPD Foundation. Might as well keep nodding in agreement now. There’ll be little chance to do that when the team shows up to work.

You stop nodding when you hear, “The grant review is next month. How’s that impact assessment report shaping up?”

What would you say? Choose from the following options.

  • “Why? Oh God, why?”
  • “Two interns are combing the field as we speak, searching for impact. My money’s on them finding it. Actually, it’s your money… never mind.”
  • “I could send you a terabyte of data but we both know that your grant committee will ask you for the ‘takeaway’.
  • How about I send you two pictures of smiling ‘beneficiaries’ instead? Okay, one picture without smiles, just in case.”
  • <something diplomatic>

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