Giving Compass' Take:

• In this video, Teresa Hodge, CEO & Founder of R3 Score Technologies, discusses the racial dimensions of incarcerated individuals and the challenges they face when they get out. 

• How can donors tackle the root problems of incarceration, criminal justice, and the police system in America?

• Read about the U.S. criminal justice system and reform, here.

Teresa Hodge, CEO & Founder of R3 Score Technologies, explores the racial dimensions and long term impacts of incarceration in America.

Teresa Y. Hodge is the Co-Founder and CEO of R3 Score Technologies, Inc. and is committed to reducing the harm prison causes to individuals and their families. After completing a seventy-month federal prison sentence, she co-founded Mission: Launch, Inc. with her daughter Laurin Leonard (Hodge). She is a 2018- 2020 Echoing Green Fellow and 2017–2018 Unlocked Futures inaugural cohort member for the tech intervention R3 Score.

She was named a 2015–2016 Open Society Soros Justice Advocacy Fellow. Her innovative approach to criminal justice advocacy has led to national recognition. She presented twice at SXSW (2016 and 2017) and is a 2017 Dewey Winburne SXSW Community Service Award recipient. As well as a 2015-2016 alumna of JustleadershipUSA’s Leading with Convictions inaugural cohort.

Teresa’s TEDx Talk, “We’ve Made Coming Home Too Hard,” highlights the impact of personal bias and social stigma on formerly incarcerated people and points to why recidivism rates are so high in America.

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