Climate change, refugees and migrants, peacebuilding, sustainable development, and gender equality are just some of the issues that are the United Nations General Assembly.

Only 50% of refugee children are in primary school. Three in five preventable maternal deaths occur in settings of conflict, displacement, and natural disaster; so do the deaths of more than half of children under 5.

The connections between international development, the environment, humanitarian response, and peace and justice are not just happening on a macro level, but on an individual level.

To ensure all people can live a life of dignity and opportunity, we need to change how we think about our work. Instead of focusing on an issue or sector, we need to focus on people.

At this year’s General Assembly, the United Nations has brought together all causes, all communities, and all sectors. Let’s seize this opportunity to break down silos, talk and listen to each other, and share ideas about how we can collaborate.

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