​Art programs have taken a hit as districts pour more resources into preparing students to take standardized tests and exit exams required for high school graduation, among other resources or initiatives. However, this study adds to the body of research that suggests letting arts programs go by the wayside may save money, but it won't help the students a school aims to educate. In fact, exposing students to art may be a very good investment when it comes to boosting both academic measures like test scores and long-term goals such as graduation rates.

A Media Planet article details the ways in which art helps students — and, more specifically, those of a low socioeconomic status — thrive. According to the article, only 4% of low socioeconomic status students who have high participation in the arts will drop out of high school, compared to 22% of those who have low participation with the arts. Art students in this group also do better in math, are more likely to hold a class office and be recognized for academic achievement, Media Planet reports.

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