The University’s innovative learning platform accelerates the impact of local civil society organizations by providing world-class free online courses and vibrant online communities, optimized for leaders in the Global South and available worldwide.

With an aim to transform the capacity of 5,000 local organizations and improve the lives of 100 million people by 2020, Philanthropy University and its partners provide local leaders with the knowledge, resources and support they need to deliver sustainable development for all.

Dr. Laura Tyson, Faculty Director of the Institute for Business & Social Impact at Berkeley Haas, recently sat down with us to share her thoughts on this exciting ongoing partnership between Berkeley Haas and Philanthropy University.

Why does Philanthropy University’s goal to transform the capacity of 5,000 local organizations and improve the lives of 100 million people by 2020 matter so much?

The mission of Philanthropy University is to transform the capacity of local civil society organizations everywhere, which are on the front lines of moving the needle on human progress.

Why did Berkeley Haas choose to partner with Philanthropy University back in 2015?

Berkeley is a public university with a global perspective, a global diverse student body, and a progressive outlook. Berkeley Haas, the business school of UC Berkeley, embodies these traditions and has been a pioneer in preparing leaders of civil society organizations all over the world for decades.

What’s your vision about how innovative learning platforms such as Philanthropy University can help in the fight against global poverty?

Philanthropy University’s sophisticated digital technologies to deliver knowledge and build community democratize access to learning opportunities that used to be available only to people who could travel to a university.

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