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· Writing for Education Dive, Aspen Florence from the Ogden School District in Utah explains how data is being used to scale intervention and provide students with support whenever they need it.

· How else is data being used in schools? How is this data collected? How is data helping scale interventions and provide students with services before it's too late?

· Read more about using data to scale intervention and boost achievement.

As schools serve student populations with increasingly complex academic, behavioral and social-emotional needs, a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) is proving to be beneficial for identifying, prioritizing and supporting students. Educators and district leaders report the MTSS student support framework has empowered them to provide support to students before a problem occurs, ensuring no student falls between the cracks.

The ability to measure and understand the impact of interventions is critical for an effective MTSS process. While the data and insight MTSS provides holds enormous potential, only 3 in 10 educators report they are currently tracking interventions effectively. Like many school districts, educators and district leaders in the Ogden School District in Utah had utilized various sources of data to identify, prioritize and support every student. However, our district leaders still saw gaps in achievement among groups of students, and schools still faced higher-than-average rates of high school dropouts, chronic absenteeism and suicides.

We realized that we needed to uniquely equip our teachers to address the inherent risk factors that many of our students were dealing with, which is why we have spent the past three years investing in building and scaling a district-wide MTSS standard to support over 12,000 students across 20 schools. This system takes a comprehensive "whole child" approach to addressing the unique and individual needs of each student through the use of tiered interventions, an early warning system, social-emotional learning assessment and professional development for teachers.

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