Giving Compass' Take:

• The beer company, Busch, is partnering with the nonprofit National Forest Foundation and is going to plant 100 trees for every person who can find its secret pop-up bar in a forest. 

• How can this inspire other large corporations to give back and go green? 

Here's how tree-planting efforts could curb climate change. 

Earlier this year, Busch beer turned several Nascar vehicles into limited-edition beer cans that were auctioned off to raise money for the antilittering nonprofit Keep America Beautiful. Now it’s hosting an event that will put many more cans into the hands of drinkers who are out in nature. What could possibly go wrong?

On Saturday, July 20, the company will sponsor a secret pop-up shop (the “Busch Pop Up Schop”) that will last for one day—in a national forest somewhere in America. Attendees will receive free merchandise, with one winner getting free Busch for life. People can follow along on Twitter to decipher clues to that spot ahead of time. “We’re popping up where Busch tastes best,” says a red-flannel-clad spokesman dubbed The Busch Guy in a new ad. “In the great outdoors. In the middle of the forest. Miles from the closest city.”

But this event has a charitable tie-in. Through work with the National Forest Foundation, a nonprofit that works to protect roughly 200 million acres of conservation land for people to enjoy, Busch has pledged to plant 100 trees for each person who reaches its party spot. The NFF’s own goal is to plant 50 million new trees by 2023, and there’s no cap to how many trees Busch is willing to donate. It costs about $1 per tree planted.

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