Giving Compass' Take:

• The government of Canada recently released data suggesting their poverty rates are at record lows, however, critics are arguing the methodology used to determine these stats are outdated and flawed. 

• Regardless of skewed data, poverty in North America is a crisis that needs to be solved. What role can donors play in helping the fight against poverty?

• Here are 10 financial institutions in Canada that invest in community. 

Statistics Canada, the government’s agency that produces stats that affect the population, released its findings from the Canadian Income Survey for 2017 on Feb. 26. The survey tracked Canadians’ incomes from various demographics in 2017 and determined that the median income for Canadian families was $59,800 per year, up by 3.3% from 2016.

The study also revealed that 9.5% of Canadians were living below the poverty line — a year prior 10.6% of Canadians were reported living below the poverty line.

“Based on the methodology that is being used … we do see this as a premature announcement and many people who are living in poverty also feel that way,” Michèle Biss, legal education and outreach coordinator for Canada Without Poverty, told Global Citizen.

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