A new app called Philanthropy Cloud, built by Salesforce.org (the nonprofit arm of Salesforce) and distributed by mega-charity the United Way aims to connect employees of big companies to their corporate-matched donations and offer a platform to encourage more giving, more volunteering, and more connection to the causes being funded. It’s being piloted this month at a handful of major companies, including Anheuser-Busch, and will roll out more widely in June 2018.

But Philanthropy Cloud isn’t intended to just stabilize and grow standard paycheck deductions—it encourages giving beyond that. Each employee’s Philanthropy Cloud is personalized in a way that blends some recognizable social media and online shopping tactics. When users log on, the first thing they’ll see is a real-time dashboard with two color-coded pie charts: one represents how much they’ve given individually, and to what type of causes; the other displays the collective efforts of the company.

There’s also a “Featured Content” area that companies can populate with stories and campaigns related to their own values, and a “Recommended For You” section that auto-populates more stories and campaigns based on a real-time recommendation engine that keeps track of where you’re clicking, bookmarking, and donating.

“The platform will make sure to sift through all these different charities, campaigns, volunteering events, et cetera, and really home in on what’s relevant to you based on your profile, based on what we’re learning from you,” says Nasi Jazayeri, a Salesforce executive vice president who worked on the technology.

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