90% of American adults are involved in charitable organizations either with their finances or their time (Lupton, p. 2). There are countless ways to be involved in promoting good in the world. Just visit any church website and be overwhelmed by the vast number of mission organizations that they support. Americans, myself included, pride ourselves on living in the best country in the world and we feel a sense of obligation to share our wealth with the less fortunate.

Does this language sound familiar? Best country in the world. Obligation to share our wealth. Less fortunate. Promoting good in the world. The language attached with charity attracts us, persuades us to help others, and in turn makes us feel better about ourselves.

The solution to preventing dependency: partnership. Aid that allows lasting development requires strings attached. When done with longevity in mind, aid should,

“empower people based on shared responsibility, mutual support, and accountability (Lupton, p. 29).”

We have gotten into the habit of doing things for those in need instead of with those in need (Lupton, p.35). With those in need is not always the easy route. It is often messy for when we partner together we get to know the heart of those we are serving.

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