Q. Briefly tell us about CHC’s origin and mission.

For nearly 70 years, CHC: Creating Healthier Communities (CHC) has achieved remarkable impact. We build partnerships to address health inequities by fostering trusted community engagement, fundraising, and offering programs and services to help support communities where everyone can thrive.

Q. How does your work with healthcare intersect with other social issues? What should donors know?

We focus on the social determinants of health drivers that affect the social, economic, and physical conditions in which people live. We aim to address the “causes of the causes of inequalities” extending beyond health to economic and educational inequities, and to improve the social determinants of health through financial and programmatic community investments.

Q. What challenges are you facing? And, can you share an example of CHC’s impact?

Time is our only non-renewable resource – and CHC is fighting for more time for each person to live and love with their family and friends. Health inequities cost $320 billion annually and could surpass $1 trillion annually by 2040. Closing the health equity disparity gap will generate an additional $8 trillion to our GDP by 2050 and increase federal tax revenues by $450 billion and state and local tax revenues by $100 billion every year. Among our many programs is the Black Birthing Initiative (BBI). The BBI is a partnership with community-based organizations in Atlanta, Cleveland, and Detroit, aiming to decrease the incidence of preterm birth among Black women and birthing people by reducing the effects of stress and unmet social determinants of health needs. 

Q. CHC brings nonprofits, businesses and communities together. Can you share more about why this model is effective for health equity?

CHC is working towards greater health equity by building partnerships within communities in ways that intentionally share power and decision making and allow for meaningful participation. Our work towards sustainable change includes alliances with community, nonprofit and corporate partners, public agencies, and broader public health movements. Our work is driven by community need, and we direct programs, resources and support where they have the greatest impact. Together with partners, we’ve been creating healthier communities for more than 65 years.

Q. What advice would you give to donors who are interested in investing in health equity solutions?

Donors should be connected with the issues they care about through giving, volunteering, and learning opportunities. CHC is proud to connect donors to causes, and to empower donors to play their part in building stronger and healthier communities. We do this by increasing awareness, raising financial resources, and driving volunteers and supporters towards the causes we champion through our partnerships. Learn more about our high impact nonprofit partners who benefit from the Combined Federal Campaign.