We’re in the final stretch leading up to NewCo Shift Forum and are pleased to announce the nominees for the NewCo Honors, our annual awards for organizations doing well by doing good. Nominees are all market leaders and well-known names in their respective sectors, but what makes them significant through the NewCo lens is their commitment to leading in a new market with significant positive impact.

NewCos are a new kind of company, one that measures its success by more than profit. They are purpose-driven, information-first, networked, and, most importantly, on a mission. NewCos are less than ten-year-old startups taking on big problems, disrupting their vertical, creating new work environments, and keeping the BigCos on their toes.

BigCos typically have been around for at least ten years or have gone public and are often significant incumbents in their industry. Last year the award was given to Unilever, which has become a global leader in sustainability and social responsibility.

A few nominees for BigCo Awards:

  • Airbnb, for their platform’s efforts to relieve housing pressures during disasters and their work to provide aid to refugees.
  • Chobani, in respect for the leadership of their founder and CEO and for their commitment to communities.
  • Salesforce, for its groundbreaking 1–1–1 philanthropic policy and for Mark Benioff’s example that a CEO can be a force for social good.

A few nominees for NewCo Awards:

  • KIND, for the many facets of company philanthropy, including their KIND People program.
  • Nurx, for helping women in “contraceptive deserts” get access to affordable and anonymous birth control.
  • Warby Parker, for their effort to get schoolkids eyewear and their “buy one, give one” model of philanthropy.

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