Giving Compass' Take:

• This article from Charity Navigator lists ways for college students to get involved in philanthropic activities such as volunteering, fundraising, and charitable giving. 

• How can donors support higher education opportunities that incorporate philanthropy? 

• Here is an overview of philanthropic college courses. 

If we’re being honest, one place that doesn’t come to mind when thinking about charitable giving and volunteering is a college campus. Yet, in my opinion, it should. Universities are the perfect environment to encourage philanthropic activities early on in adulthood.

I am fortunate enough to attend Emerson College, where there’s a minor called Nonprofit Communication Management that allows me to participate even more with various local Boston organizations and causes looking for help. Through my experience with my sorority and my minor, I’ve discovered that getting involved in fundraising, donating, and volunteering on campus doesn’t have to be so formal or complicated.

Here are a few easy ways to give back while maintaining your GPA.  

  • Look into different organizations on campus: Whether it be a sorority, fraternity, environmental advocacy club, or a college chapter of a larger nonprofit, like Doctors Without Borders, there are many on-campus opportunities available to get involved in. 
  • Reach out to local nonprofits. - Places like local animal shelters and food banks are always looking for support
  • When fundraising, be persistent and prepared. - Unfortunately, a college education is far from inexpensive. On campus, it can be difficult to fundraise when everyone around you has their college debt on the brain.
  • Every donation counts! -  These small contributions show that you are actively supporting your classmates and creating a cycle of support that lasts longer than some spare change!

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