The piece includes practical tools for prompting reflection, making commitments, and taking action. We hope this resource will support cross-sector collaborative efforts underway in many communities.

Top Takeaways
  • Older adults have been particularly affected by COVID-19. The pandemic has also brought widespread attention to the stark disparities faced by communities of color and underscored the need for organizations to focus explicitly on creating an inclusive and equitable system of support for older adults.
  • Community organizations adapted quickly to provide access to crucial information and services and were enabled to do so by increased flexibility and support from funders and policymakers.
  • Organizations, partnerships, funders, and policymakers can learn from communities’ responses and take intentional steps to scale and sustain recent efforts in order to continue meeting community needs and build back stronger after this crisis.

Read the full article about supporting older adults during COVID-19 by Tiffany Clarke, Melissa Oomer, and Victor Tavarez at FSG.