In this three-minute video, Dr. Laura Tyson, Professor and the Director of the Institute for Business and Social Impact at the Berkeley Haas School of Business, shares some insights on the current state of giving and the need to cultivate a collaborative attitude in philanthropy.

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The key issue is philanthropy’s cooperation with the public sector, public agencies and companies”. In this video, Dr Laura Tyson shares concrete cases on how technology is shaping giving and states that philanthropy needs to test news models of delivering services to address social challenges.

For her, the role of philanthropy has increased as resources have grown in comparison to global aid. However, she reminds us that the share of philanthropic dollars remains minimal compared to the public sector and the business community. This is why collaboration in philanthropy is key – and why philanthropists will have to work with the public and private sectors in order to make a difference, she insists.

Dr. Laura Tyson was a speaker at the 2015 Philanthropreneurship Forum in Versailles, France.

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