Ashley Lamb-Sinclair donned her entrepreneurial hat and started an online space where educators can go to discover, curate and collaborate. She landed on her business idea after receiving an email concerning a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation opportunity. Coined a “Redesign Challenge,” it invited teachers to submit proposals for solutions to educational problems. In this case, the challenge centered on professional development.

“I had zero interest and deleted the email,” says Lamb-Sinclair, who had a “spark” that night as she pondered the low points of current PD approaches in K-12. “The reason PD sucks so much is because teachers are already working really, really hard to become better,” she says.

That got Lamb-Sinclair thinking about an online space where the best PD resources were compiled on one platform where multiple teachers could come to collaborate, share and learn. In her mind, that platform would not only be a place for instructors to discover new ideas, but also keep those ideas there.

Lamb-Sinclair likes to think of herself as someone who “teaches like a rebel,” and she’s sharing that message with K-12 instructors through the Curio platform, which launched in March. A visual organizer designed for teacher professional development and idea-sharing, Curio is similar to GitHub, Pinterest and Dribbble in that it provides creative spaces for niche communities.

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